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Who are maizecor

Who are Maizecor

Maizecor is a family-owned maize mill supported with dedicated haulage provided by Goodwin's, our holding company. Being a family-owned company with a small, dedicated team improves our culture and values allowing us to respond to suppliers and customer needs efficiently and effectively.

We pride ourselves on our business objectives: Focus, Grow, Simplify and Innovate and actively encourage a growth mindset to challenge and better ourselves every day.


The Maizecor mill in Hull has produced and delivered a range of maize products direct to customers for over 80 years and our milling techniques are updated regularly to ensure compliance with standards and specifications.

Our raw materials are sourced and procured with our partner Frontier Agriculture to a defined specification, instilling quality control from harvesting the crop to packing and delivery of our finished products.

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Products & Application's

Modern Brewery

Maize Flaking Grits

For Brewing

Maize Coarse Grits
& Maize Fine Grits

For snack-foods, cereals, coatings and brewing

Healthy Breakfast

Medium Polenta
& Maize Flour

For coatings, batters,
snack foods, pastry, pasta and biscuits 

Italian Deli Pasta
On farm

Maize Meal

For animal feed

The Maizecor team

Director of Operations
Conrad Corbyn

Quality Manager
Carly Hagar

Mill Manager
Chris Richardson

Engineering Manager
Daniel Shaw

Ellie Wilson
Magda Wolinska

Contact us

For all enquires our Ellie and Magda will be happy to help:

Contact: 01482 324434   Email:

Maizecor, 141 Wincolmlee, Hull,  HU2 0HB, UK

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